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Micro bubbles


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I'm curious if micro bubbles created by skimmers are actually bad for some reason when they get into your display, or if they're just ugly.


I'm thinking of a sump design which takes water from the skimmer chamber and pumps it in a display fuge. I think the micro bubbles would dissipate before leaving the fuge...

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Aesthetically most people don't like them; I like them in spurts, makes the tank look more like a reef with crashing waves (and similar to what a surge device creates). I think most fish and inverts are not bothered by bubbles; if a coral or fish is already not doing well, it is possible that enough microbubbles could get trapped on the animal to make things worse for it. See Myth 14 from this article by Eric Borneman: http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-01/eb/index.htm

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