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leds for 5.5 gallon


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with tax time coming around i am wanting to try my hand at leds! im picking up a 5.5 gallon with a stand/pedestool and a canopy. it has power compacts in the canopy now but i want them out.


anyone have any ideas for an led setup for the canopy? my other half is pretty good with electrical work...me not so much...lol


would those stunner strips work?


not sure if the canopy is completely enclosed or not but if it is i have no problem putting a fan on there...to draw heat out if needed..





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A single PAR38 from somewhere like Nanotuners.com will work great. By the time you wire up a DIY array and spend all the cash, the PAR38 bulb would do the trick nicely.



But over a 5g, you could probably use 6 LEDs driven by either a Meanwell LPC model (non-dimming but easy as pie) or you can use a Buckpuck (which can be purchased as a dimmable).



No optics unless you want to suspend the unit up high.

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