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Glove poyps not opening


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A LFS sold me a small glove polyp frag for $1 last week and I have only seen them open once since I placed them in the tank. Things I've read tell me one thing and other people have told me different things about the flow and light requirements. Does anyone have experience with where they do best or why they haven't opened up good yet? They start extending and sometimes even open just a little, but never fully open up like they should.


Water conditions are good. Tank is pretty happy overall. It's just the new guy is not happy.



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not sure if there is much of a difference between glove and xenia. My xenia are happy with anything. I have some in moderate flow so they can pulse and I have some in high flow and the only thing they can do is lean with the current. I've had them in low lighting and under metal halide. They seem to be fine with anything I throw at them.


I did have a case where I though I had a xenia crash. My whole colony shriveled up and I though they were gonna be dead. They stayed this way for about a month before they started to expand. Just place them where you want them and leave them alone. In time they will come around. It's common for many corals to have finicky moments. Moving them around constantly in attempts to make them happy only makes things worse. Place them in a moderate light with a moderate but not to strong flow and give them time.

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