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Upgrading and I need your help!


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I have run out of room in my 10g tank and I would like to upgrade to a 20g high tank. i am going to have to add a few more pounds of rock and was wondering what would happen if i added dry rock instead of live rock, would it cause the tank to cycle again? also would i be able to use the sand in the tank already set up or would i have to buy new sand? i have corals and would like for everything to live through the transition, so i would like to know how you have upgraded and how your corals handled it.


now for the equipment:


Light: DIY 48w LEDs

Filter: AquaClear 70

Powerheads: koralia 1 and koralia evo (750 gph)

Heater: need suggestions


let me know if you see anything missing from the list or if you think i should change anything from the list. also i would like to know how you guys hold your rocks together like what kind of epoxy and where you can buy it.


thanks for any help!

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You won't have another cycle by using dry rock. Rinse it first though because it is usually pretty dusty. I had a 750, in my 25 and there was about only 1 direction I could aim it without ####### something off or moving sand around. I would consider toning that one down a bit, unless you already own it.

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