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20H A Work In Progress


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This is my first Saltwater tank ever even though I have been keeping a African cichlid tank since I was ten. Ever since I started college three years with a major in marine biology and marveling at all the cool nano reef in my LPS and on this site I have been eager to start a saltwater tank. So about three months ago I decided to dive into this hobby, Which was very stupid since I am Always broke from paying tuition and books. But any ways for my tank I decided to keep things simple,for the filtration I'm using HOB Aquaclear 50 with chemipure elite and also I'm using a 10 gal for a cheap Sky495 skimmer. The lighting is a 150Watt MH With Two 14Watt blue T5. For a little more circulation i also added a Koralia nano. Well I think I should stop talking about the tank and show some pictures. sorry about the crappy pics.

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thanks alot my spot tail blenny also loves it, that is where he/she hang out when the lights come on.


that tank is DOPE. I love the two fiji leathers. the only thing i'd recommend is taping up a cheap black background to hide the tubes and wires in the back. It'll bring out the colors of your corals too.

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