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Is This Sump/Refugium Overkill?


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So, I've been running a 20G nano for about a month now, and have decided to upgrade to a sump/refugium system before I start adding livestock to the tank. I've been doing lots of research and think I have a "system" that I want to incorporate...but is this overkill for a 20G tank?




So this is what i'm thinking, please feel free to make suggestions:


- Aqueon Proflex Sump (Model 3 - 25Gallon)

- CPR Continous Siphon Overflow (CS50 - 300GPH)

- SWC 120 Xtreme Cone Protein Skimmer

- I'll be adding a refugium area with a deep sand bed, chaeto and some LR (amount unsure untill I get the sump)

- Maxi-Jet 400 or 900 (106GPH - 247GPH)




Im still a little confused on the water pump / water flow situation. Whats a "good amount" of water flow through a 20G -25G sump? Will a Maxi - Jet 400 keep up with a 300GPH overflow? Or do I need to downsize the overflow? or upsize the pump?



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The overflow has a maximum GPH of 300. Water will only go into the overflow as fast as the return pump refills the tank. I doubt you will have a problem.

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does the mag 5 come with suction cups for mounting? Isn't that important as to not overflow the tank in case of a siphon break?


If your logic is "I want to put the return pump high, close to the sump water level, so that it will quickly run dry if the overflow loses siphon", that is not a good plan - I would not want my pump running dry as my fail-safe. I don't have any experience with overflow boxes - don't like them on principle - but lots of people use them and can give you advice on setting them up to reduce the likelihood of losing siphon like using an aqualifter pump. If you have no livestock yet, then I would recommend drilling the display if you can.


Another idea, which I have not seen many people use, is what I set up on one tank: a float switch in the display. Although the display is drilled, the float switch in the display will turn off the return pump in the sump if the display water level gets too high (e.g. if the overflow gets clogged somehow). It would work the same on a tank with an overflow box if the siphon failed.

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