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Coral Vue Hydros

A couple of newbie questions for ya…


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This will be my 3rd salt water aquarium, but my first in over 6 years. Man things have changed! I decide to get back into it, and also to go the nano route.


I have tried to look a few of these questions up on the forums here, but to be honest this site is not the easiest to navigate. I’m sure I will get used to it, but it’s not set up like other forms.


OK. I bought a 28g jbj Nano-Cube HQI. I got the stronger lights because I did not want to limit myself in the future if I decided to get corals that need stronger lights.


This came with 4 Nite-vu LED moon lights. I have this set on a timer so the moon lights come on immediately when the metal halide lights shut off (via a timer).


The unit came with two Accela SPi-1000 pumps rated at 266 GPH and an ocean pulse wave maker. I didn’t feel that would be enough so I also purchased a Koralia rated at 425GPH.


I have 30 pounds of Live rock as my base. I really tried to plan the type of rock I purchased so it gave me the look I desired, and had plenty of “shelves” and other areas for different livestock.


1). Is there a formula for how many GPH I need to have in the tank? Is adding the additional 425gph pump enough?


2) I have 20lbs of live sand as a base. I do have an additional 20lb bag available, but I like the way it looks now. Looks at this point are secondary to doing what is right for the tank. Should I add more sand?


3) The “moon light” is something that was just coming on the market when I got out of the hobby several years ago, however it seems that all lights come with them now. They really seem bright! What are some thoughts as far as how long they should be run? Right now, I have it set to come on exactly when the halide lights turn off.


4) Is there anyone out there with a light/tank size set up like this that can tell me if I might be in need of a chiller? My LFS sure wants to sell me one, but I have ran this tank for one week now and the temp is stable. I figured it might get hotter in the summer but a guy at another LFS told me that it actually is affected more in the summer with the heating system in the house on. Your thoughts?

Thanks for your help! I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.


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