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Sand rules?


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When I start my tank is it required to put 1lb of sand per gallon of water?


Also any suggestions on brands of sand for a 7.5G tank?




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Well, considering that some people go bare-bottom, while others prefer a deep sand bed I'll say there are definitely no requirements for how much sand to use.


I'm personaly running a 1.5 inch sand bed which works good for me. Never have had Nitrate problems.


CaribSea Arag-alive sand works just fine!

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I personally preferr shallow sandbeds of a little less than an Inch.

Not much risk for pockets of nasty stuff forming.


i use just enough to hide the glass in open areas and pile some up behind my rockwork in the pico. i find that its easier to keep the sandbed clean where its seen and undisturbed where its not this way

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You only need like 0.5 - 1 inch of sand...


So if you have a 20G tank you most likely only need 10pounds of sand...


I had a 34G and bought a 40LB bag and had like half left (with a 2 inch sand)

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the pound per gallon rule is horrible.


Tanks have different width x depth dimensions, and different sands have different grain sizes...

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The depth of sand is going to depend on your goals & the amount of maintenance you are willing to invest. The bacterial film is capable of oxic stratification within itself & can there fore be an effective denitrifacating bed, at shallow depths. So long as the limits are not exceeded & regular maintenance is performed. However this maintenance will disturb the bacterial colony. Requiring for only a portion to be disturbed at any given time.


Where as a dsb is of greater benefit do to the full biogenic mixing depth being met. Allowing for for complete oxic stratification. While assisting in the production of zooplankton. Maintenance of the dsb is simpler due to its need for limited disturbance. A grain size, which is relatively small with an irregular shape. Will maximize the effectiveness, allowing for the depth to be minimized. However this will most likely be a silicate based sand & not aid in buffering.


To add one more option. If the addition of sand is simply for the appearance. Perhaps a thin layer of silicone with sand sprinkled over it, or a piece of slate cut to fit would met these needs while providing the benefits of a bare bottom system.

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I actually am using eggcrate under all my rocks and I just put a little bit of sand in the little squares to cover it up. The rest of the tank I have about 1-1/2" deep sandbed.

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