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Shipping liverock during winter


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Hi all,


Awhile back I had to take down my tank because I was reenlisting, but decided at the last moment not to go through with it (I like my freedom to much!) Anyway, I'm wondering is it safe to order liverock during the winter? I live in Iowa and the average temperature right now is around 15-20 degrees f. I would like to get the tank cycled before it warms up. What temperature extremes can the bacteria on the live rock survive?


Or do you think I would be better off just getting dead rock and doing some sort of seeding?


I suppose the same question can be asked about livesand as well.

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Cant they pack it with heat packs?


Also, wouldn't it be a lot cheaper to get dry rock and seed it.



True on the heatpack point.

Yes it would be cheaper, but I enjoyed all the extra stuff (even the bad) that came with my live rock last time I got it. I had a fairly large live porite colony, sadly no christmas trees but my local petco had some I was going to snag.

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Well, considering a lot of LR comes from Fiji and that it takes at least 3 days to reach the US, I'll say its perfectly safe to order LR in the winter. Most shops do a very good packaging job and include heating pads to reduce drastic temp. changes.

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