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Coralife Super Skimmer 65 Review


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So i have my css 65 up and running for about 1 week now, and so far i am impressed. Out of the box i was amazed at how big it was and how thick the plastic was. It really felt like good quality materials. The pump is awesome i believe its a maxi jet 1200. Im not sure but it really is pretty powerful for the skimmer, which is why they give you a flow adjustment valve.


When i put it on i did not rinse it like an idiot because i was to excited. So the first few days were a little bit picky on what it skimmed. It skimmer about 2 days straight, then i dropped a piece of shrimp in the sump.(dont ask how). So the bubble tower that was made popped and it started over in a few hours.


Heres the skimmate after first 2 days.




The whole setup on my sump



So i did my first water change today since i added the skimmer and all i can say is i'm very impressed. After all was don e i filled my tank and sump back up with fresh water and plugged the skimmer back in. Instantly it went back to skimming like it was the day before. In the first few days if i added top off water it would stop making the bubble tower, or when ever i add food.

I will updating more and more on this skimmer as i progress with it. So far i am very happy with it and for 100 bucks. Cmon.... :D

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I had this skimmer running on a 30 gallon and it performed fair for about 6 months then I had a heck of time keeping it tuned in to pull prperly. I'd like to see how yours does 6 months from now. maybe mine was just a dud. :lol:

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i used one for a year, i read all the bad reviews but for 30$ couldnt pass it up, i enjoyed it, took a little while to tune it in but after that never had a problem and pulled some black junk out every two days full..

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they work great if you keep them clean and keep the water level constant. looks like you have the water level issue taken care of, just take it out every few months and submerge it in a bucket of hot fresh water and plug it in for a few hours.

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Yeh Ryan it seems that was the number one problem with these skimmers. People had them overflowing or water squirting out of the vent. I plugged mine in and let it sit with the water level on the lowest setting fo the firt two days. Also i have the newest version of the skimmer. I wish i saved the box because it said something like new cup design or somethng. Either way i will keep this thread updated a i go along.


(sorry for spelling and typos i just type haha)

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So i would say my skimmer is about broken in by now. Again i am very impressed with what it is pulling out. I get a very dark skimmate, due to the fact i am skimming on the dryer side. Also when ever i feed i try to shut it off but it doesnt always happen. When i feed the skimmate is being produced in about 30 min after it stops. If i unplug it, it takes a little bit longer to start pulling again.

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mine has always been a pos. worked a little better after fishing line but nothing compared to a extreme 160


You must have had the old coralife. The new ones have way better pumps. Reefer appears to be skimming superbly for 100 bucks.

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I have a coralife 125 and the biggest problem with it was microbubbles.I did a return mod to eliminate the bubble trap and it still had bubbles. Had to let it drain in a filter sock which finally worked.But otherwise it works good

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mine flooded my basement 6 times and the pump has a hard time pulling in air to make bubbles. i had to zip tie a peice of plastic to the front part to allow less water in so it would pull some air.

i got an octopus to replace mine and it produces 3x better skim. after i pulled mine i took an old golf putter to it for all the times it flooded my basement. felt soooo good. :naughtydance:

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