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Vertex Illumilux LED Preorder

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We are now accepting preorders for the new Vertex Illumilux Modular LED Strips in 12", 24", 36" and 48" lengths in Marino Bianco (50/50 White and Royal Blue) as well as Marino Blue (50/50 Royal Blue/Blue). We are expecting our first shipment in about 3 weeks.


Notable Features:

Expandable, modular design allowing full user flexibility


Individual beams can be networked in any shape and configuration using PCB connective fittings


Optional inline 1 - 10V module for dimming, sunrise and sunset simulation




If you would like to do a deposit for these fixtures and pay the balance when it is ready to ship, you may do that. Please give us a call in the office to do this. 803-788-4445.




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Do you have to purchase anything to use the "inline 1 - 10V module"? I have an Apex controller and am thinking about one of these but want to be able to dim them.

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