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Question about powerhead


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I've got one in my 16g AGA...granted, only for a couple of months now, but no complaints so far. It definately sends some pretty good current through the tank.

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hey art, I use one in my 10 gallon. still going strong after about 8 months of use, needs cleaned alot. if you have to have a PH then I think it should be a sweep. I have it setup to also disperse the outflow of my fuge, mimicking waves as best I can.

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from what I have heard is that these PHs will work if they are constantly cleaned. If they aren't they usually stop sweeping. Another issue that I have heard is that they will eventually start to become louder as they get older. I would try them out and see what you think. Personnally I like to use PHs with a wavemaker.

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Had some. Hated them. They heated the water A LOT, so avoid them unless you have trouble keeping your tank warm.


Also, they started to make a loud buzzing noise after about... oh, three days. Cleaning didn't help, so I destroyed them.

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