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Curly Joe Reefer

The Forty Beater

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Hello everyone.

Let me start this thread with a little bit of an introduction. I received my first tank as a birthday gift almost twenty years ago, it was a little one gallon, that had two tiger barbs in it. Over the years I have kept almost every combination of fresh water setup. I had cichlids for years, I had Discus for a while, about three years ago I set up a heavily planted community tank and started looking at forums online. During one online sessions I stumbled upon nano-reef and was hooked. Within about a month I acquired a six gallon and stocked it with some live rock and a little yellow tail damsel. My plan was to keep the tank simple and easy. I was going to add some GSP, maybe a mushroom or two, but the addiction got a hold of me. I quickly outgrew the six gallon and upgraded to a ten gallon, and then to a sixteen, and finally to the 40 breeder I have today. I'm loving all the space I currently have in the 40 and don't have any current plans to upgrade.

I'm always open to constructive criticism and comments so feel free. Here begins the Forty Beaters journey. I hope everyone will enjoy it's progression as much as much as I have enjoyed watching all of your's.





Current FTS: 12/17/2010




Here are my tank specs.


Tank: 40 gallon breeder.


Lighting: 36inch Coralife HO 2 bulb T5. 36' blue reefbrite.


Filtration: A 10 gallon refugium with lots of rock, macro algae, mangroves and a reef octopus.


Circulation: 2X500 gph ocean stream pumps that alternate flow, 2x500 gph aqueon pumps.


Heater: Aqueon pro 150


Cooling: walmart fan


Dosing & Top-off: Daily RO top offs and 10ml of Essential Elements every 3rd day.


Protection: 2 regular old Power strips


Maintenance: Wipe down front and sides with magnet daily, 5 gallon water change every ten days, Trim cheato weekly, and I rinse out chemi-pure bag and protien skimmer cup during water change


Feeding: I feed Spectrum garlic enhanced flake food 5 days a week for the fish. 3 days a week I feed mysis shrimp


My Crew

• Bi Color Blenny

• Yellow tail Damsel

• Misbar Clown fish x2

• Swaseli basslet

• Purple firefish

• 20 Nassarius snails

• Florida fighting conch

• 3 Blue leg hermits

• 1 White leg hermit.

•Sand sifting starfish

• Lot's of Serpent starfish

• Red Emerald crab





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Looking good!


Now that it's established a bit more you need to get yourself that basslet.

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Awesomeness at it's best!

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Meven was suppose to use his superior negotiating skills to talk down the price yesterday, but I guess he didn't have any luck.


Thanks Aquanist. Really appreciate that. love your tank by the way.

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Oh well we're going back next Thursday so there will be another chance at the basslet.


Post some more pictures!


Let's see the superman.

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Nice! Like the scape - will you be adding any more fish to the mix?

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Nice tank! Got a pic of your blue starfish? Are they linckia?

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I never thought I would say this but this tank may have to much light.bah


How about a light rack like meven's or a canopy with an a rack inside it. I might build stand doors this weekend if you want to work on something for the lights.

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led's are the shiht


Figure out how to take pictures with the leds running yet?


And how much better is it with the second set running?

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Alright you've made me take pictures at least twice now, so.....



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Ask and you shall receive.














Well i'm still trying to figure out the settings on this new camera, but I think these came out ok, and I can't get the colors to show up right when just the LED's are on. It's a damn shame to because that is when the tank is at it's best. If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them.




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