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Cultivated Reef

Insane northeast shipping special!

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Greeting NR,


I have been offering a special shipping deal to all the clubs in the northeast. I hadn't thought to mention it hear but I have noticed that a lot of NR members are in the northeast. As a result, I wanted to let you guys know about the current shipping deal.


This is for the following states...

Maine, NH, VT, Mass, CT, and RI.


Any order under $75 ships for $15.

Any order $75 or above ships for free!


This will go until the end of the month. Combine it with the 10% discount for all NR members and your in business :) The 10% code is NANOR10


Best regards,

Cultivated Reef


P.S. Normal rates for northeast states are $19 for orders under $149 and free on orders above!

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