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Nano Remora HOB skimmer?


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Im starting a 12 gallon long aquarium and do not want to do a sump so is this skimmer a good HOB skimmer?

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I have for a week now..and for the first couple of days it will catch nothing but after that it will get dirty as hell, still trying to adjust the cup so I dont get that much wet foam.. Its my first skimmer but so far doing good. Its a lil loud I have it in my bedroom and at night I have to put a towel on top of the cup to minimize the noise. B)

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I own one,

my friend owns one and we love them.

I've also owned(err tested then installed on a client's tank) the Eshops PSK150-H,

awesome skimmer if you have a 20 gallon plus tank.

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The LFS near me that is very reputable swears by them for smaller aquariums as well as many people on this forum. I say go for it.

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Throw in my $0.02 on this.


I have a Remora Pro (the big one with a mag-3 pump)


they can be a bit louder than other skimmer designs, but they work very well and they have one major benefit: it's a spray-injector, so no needle wheel to get gunked up

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i am actually trying to sell mine with a upgraded pump 1200. PM me know if you would like more details.

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I have the Remora as well and it works great. For your tank though I would get the Remora Nano, it'll save you about $40 and will work just as well.

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