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Can Heteractis crispa "color up" from pure white?


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Just bought a pure white (with magenta tips) sebae anemone yesterday at the LFS because I wanted something to host my clowns... Sadly, I didn't bring my books to the store with me, so I believed the guy when he told me the white one was the healthiest he had. After getting home, I checked three of my species books and a few websites, and all warned against buying a pure white specimen.


With no other photosynthetic inverts in the tank other than a single hitchhiker zoa polyp, is it possible for this guy to regain his color and survive in my tank? Or can it regain the zooxanthellae from common algae or bacteria that's naturally living in the LR/LS?


I've got it under MH lights, and am dosing the 29BC with Kent's Nano Reef A&B daily. Water parameters are all optimal. The sebae settled into a nice little nook in the LR as soon as I put him in there, where there's a ton of good flow. One of my juvie clowns has already started to settle in on him. I provided some spot feeding with frozen mysis about an hour after it found it's hole, and it ate it right up.


The LFS has a 48 hour return policy, so I've got until tomorrow to go back and demand a refund or trade for one of the more colorful (tan, almost green) ones.

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cheryl jordan

If it were me I would keep it, I a rarely say that.


With decent lighting nothing less than T5HO, and supplemental feedings a sebae can make a good come back.


It should have no problems regainning its orginal coloration.


If you have the proper system to care for an anemone than I myself would give it a go, while it is bleached and everyone should avoid buying bleached anemones it looks other wise healthy.


But you need to make the choice based on what you want not what others want, within reason of course.




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Yeah, other than the bleaching it seems to me to be really healthy. It's mildly tacky, but that's coming from someone who's only touched one anemone ever... Haha. It ate right away, had no problem moving into a nook in the rocks and getting solid footing... And my clowns are already getting a little cozy in it. Guess I'll give it a go.

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It looks like it has settled reasonably well, as that sort of position is what this species prefers. Basically they "need" their column and foot to be completely hidden. My recommendation at this point is to feed well--every other day with finely chopped complete foods (whole chopped krill, silversides, etc.). Try not to feed too much, either. Exceptionally intense lighting can help, but may not really be necessary for recovery, (and may not be desirable at first) as this species can do fine in lower lighting, as well. Right now, consider water conditions (proper salinity, temp, etc.) microhabitat (proper substrate--yours is fine), water motion (low to moderate diffused and indirect flow), and feeding to be your priority.

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I fed it last night and this morning, frozen mysis since that's what I was feeding my clowns. It happily accepted the food, so I'll get some variety packs later today.The foot is buried in a spot between some rocks since I first put it in there... hasn't explored the sand at all.


Today the anemone looks a little 'happier', it's opened up and spread itself out a little more than in the previous photos. The mouth is shut nice and tightly, and tentacles look slightly more plump. More photos coming.

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Mike Maddox

Unfortunately, lies from LFS are the norm rather than the exception. The good news its possible to bring Sebae anemones worse off than that one to good health, it's just a slow process. Since it's eating, it will be a lot easier, and it should regain it's zooxanthellae in a few months, and it should be ok. Feed ysids and shredded raw seafood daily until it regains it's color. Is it's mouth closed?


Do your research in the future, please! These virtually immortal animals shouldn't be purchased lightly. Also, chew out the idiot at the store, never shop there again, and warn others you know of their lies and/or stupidity!

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