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Cultivated Reef

Need help


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Hi all,

I have an 8 week old 34 gal RSM. I have a few zoas, palys, a fungia, a pair of true percs & a purple firefish. The tank has 55 lbs of live rock & I am using Seachem Reef Salt. I do a 15% water change every 2 weeks. I have been dosing Seachem Reef Buffer, Magnesium & Calcium to try & get my levels correct. My current readings are:


Temp. 78

SG. 1.025

NO2. O

Ammonia. 0

NO3. 7

Ph. 7.95

DKH. 11

Mg. 1230

Ca. 390

PO4. 0


Should I be dosing? What? In what order?

My Ph & mag drop the day after I dose. The DKH remains stable or rises after dosing but never drops below 10. Thanks for any advice.

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cheryl jordan

The parameters all look good.


You can not expect a stable Ph in an 8 week old tank. A Ph of 7.9 is not bad at all so just keep doing what you're doing. Do not start dosing anything else though.


Just keep up on the water changes and you should be good.






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