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Coral Vue Hydros

BC14 / 70w Viper $180- NJ


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The tank is still setup but im interseted in selling it. Going to upgrade.


Used Tank (Few scratches but nothing major), MJ 900 Pump, 70w Viper (The bulb is do for change in two months), Original Stock Hood.


It has a custom media tray in center Chamber. It's just two Pieces of plexi glass with holes.One between the liverock and Pure-Chemi. The other between Pure -chemi and Filter Pad. Believe me Works Great!


But i still Have the original Bioballs and intake tray. Only mod is the one that everyone does, Cut a little from water inlet that goes to the center chamber.


For $20 more i can include used BC Protein Skimmer and used Oceanic hydrometer.


hydrometer just need a good cleaning.



If the buyer would like, I can leave the sand and some of the water.

That way all you need to do is add water.


Coral and Liverock Not included.


Pickup Only



NJ, 07503



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how much for viper only?



Will try to sell as a combo first.


If someone make me an offer only for BC , You get first dibs on Viper.

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