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TeamSchreiba's 9G BiUbe


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So after about a year of wanting a marine setup I finally went for it with the BiUbe. I know this might not have been the best choice for a starter tank but it's what I wanted at the time. I started with the marine conversion kit but after reading about it, I wish I never bought with that in the first place since now the only thing remaining from the original BiUbe is the tank shell. Let me know what you think!!



9G BiUbe

50W Hydor heater

2x Hydor Koralia Nano (240 GPH)

Evil's PAR38 LED's 12k 60 degrees (new pictures soon)

API Reef Test Kit

10 lbs LR

10 lbs CaribSea Ocean Direct LS



1 Ocellaris Clownfish

1 Cleaner Shrimp

2 Astrea Snails

2 Nassarius Snails

1 Cerith Snail

1 Hitchhiker hermit

Lots of other hitchhikers (brittle starfish that never comes fully out of the LR, asterina starfish, two sponges, one of them is the green thing on the right i think, maybe a clam?, lots of tiny featherdusters)



Yellow polyps

Radioactive dragonets

Trumpet coral

Miami hurricane zoas

Red and green blasto

Green ricordea

Yellow zoas

Purple zoas




Some pics (I'm still trying to figure out how to take good pictures with the curvature of the tank)






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Very cool =)

Thanks!! I just got some new lighting with evil's PAR38 LED's. They look a lot better and brighter than the old lights I had. I'll try and post up some new pictures later today!!

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So I just finished taking some pictures with the new lighting setup... Let me know what you think :)






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Thanks guys!! And its an acrylic tank, the shape can really confuse you as to how big it is too. I got a frogspawn and xenia recently too so I'll try and get some new pictures up soon. Unfortunately the xenia is taking its time opening up as it took me awhile to get it firmly attached to something. But as soon as it does I'll make sure to post some up :lol:

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Haha I never though of it like that before. But without the lid it really does. My xenia is finally starting to open up, but it's definately taking its time.

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how often do you topoff, and how often do you do water changes?

I do water changes once a week and topoff as often as i need to. Its usually once during the midweek but it's not as bad as you would think since the PAR38 doesn't give off much heat.

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I've been looking for a reasonably small, round tank for Jellyfish... :o


Thanks for showing me what to buy... ;)



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I've been looking for a reasonably small, round tank for Jellyfish... :o


Thanks for showing me what to buy... ;)




no problem ;)


it definitely looks great but it can be a pain to clean

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So I haven't updated in a long time and I've really had an explosion in growth since my tank has matured so here's some new pics...









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I have a biube too that I am starting a reef tank in! even though this is 2010 you tank still looks great here :)


Do you have any new pics or is it taken down?

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