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Vodka Dosing...


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I have decided to start vodka and just had a few questions.


First I was wondering what the total volume of my system would be if it was a 55 gallon with 67 LBS of

live and 50 LBS of sand? And if you use 0.1 ML per 25 gallons how may should I use?


Second, where can I find a syringe small enough to measure fractions of a ML?




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0.2 ml.


Medical supply house. Ask for a sub 1 ml syringe


0.2 ml.


Medical supply house or perhaps your local pharmacy. Ask for a sub 1 ml syringe and explain what you are going to use it for and that you don't need the needle.

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Just estimate the dosing by your 55 gallon water volume, it's going to take about a month to get up to the dosage you need, so you're not going to be throwing anything off balance by starting with 55 gallons as your base for dosing :)

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