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ReefCleaners - Not what i expectedMUST READ


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I've heard great things from John at Reef Cleaners, so when I needed some more snails, I went to his website. It was the prices that pulled me in.

I ordered:

3 nerite snails

I ordered 5 periwinkles

I ordered 30 dwarf ceriths


Not a huge order, nor was is it difficult to understand.


I received

3 nerite snails

8 periwinkles.

I ordered 72 dwarf ceriths


John really went above and beyond what I ordered, and there is no doubt in my mind that he'll be my supplier if I ever need more CuC of any kind. Out of 83 snails, I've only had like 5 or 6 fatalities.

A+ seller, A+ shipper, A+ communication.


Order here, if you need any CuC at all.

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I had a very similar experience with reefcleaners.... ordered 5 nassarius, 5 nerites and 10 dwarf ceriths, I got 5, 5, and 53!!! Without a doubt my one stop shop for CuC!

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You know, I had the same problem with this Maloney guy. I ordered about:


15 assorted types of snails

12 assorted hermits

10 extra hermit shells

Small bundle of halimeada

Small bundle of codium


What I got was:


20+ assorted snails

15+ hermits

20+ extra hermit shells

Large bundle of halimeada

Large bundle of codium


Seriously! You're inventory control guy needs to be reprimanded! :P


Kidding of course, I got my stuff today and its all great! Thanks a ton John.

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reef keeper
Agreed, He's a great guy. Didn't treat me like a customer, treated me like a friend.

yeah i emailed him and he emailed me back within ten minutes. Really helpful info to.

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his rocks...

not what i expected either..


literally never buying rock anywhere else again. :)

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We need John and Reef Cleaners in Canada... am sooo jealous.


agree 100% we get raped by the prices. If he could supply to Canada he'd make a killing..lol

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Definately a wonderful supplier. Mom was literally giddy with joy when she recieved her order. "And what are these? and these? and whoa look how many of those there are, there must be 60!"


Thanks John!

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Gee, $3 a snail at my LFS or order from this place?


I can't believe how freaking cheap that stuff is, and $9.50 flat rate shipping for most things? I think I am going to place an order for no reason.

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