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What to dose

Bill Nye

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Hi everyone


I am just cycling a tank now but have a question as far as dosing for Alkalinity. I am not planning on adding any SPS for at least 6 months so was not planning on dosing 2 part till then. From what I have been reading I should not be dosing anything to help stabalize pH. What should I be dosing in order to maintain a high enough Alk / pH before I start using 2 part? I plan on doing weekly 10 percent water changes, but I am using IO due to a mix up with the company I ordered from sending me this instead of Reef Crystals.

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you could possibly lose some alk and ca to coraline but just test once in a while to see how your water changes are keeping up with consumption

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Don't dose anything for a couple months, just do w/c. The pH will stabolize naturally as your sand buffers it.



K thanks for the tips. Im just gonna stick with water changes for now. Im planning on switching to either reef crystals or one of the more premium brands of salts once this batch is over with. Its a 50 gal bag and I have a 5 gal tank so it might take a while lol.


But the bag was only 15 dollars so I might just upgrade to something better once I start getting alot of coral in the tank. Although I was reading something that said alot of people use IO and just dose so im not really sure at this point. I got a while to think about it anyway haha.


Thanks again.

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