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Convert Arduino PWM 5V to analog output 0-10V

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I want to convert the Arduino PWM output that is in the range of 0 - 5V to an analog output in the range of 0-10V.


I have uploaded the circuit I have designed.


The circuit can be divided in two parts:


1) An RC filter to get an analog output from the PWM signal that Arduino outputs. I have read some information about this kind of filters and it's seems that there is a rule that establish the relation between the time constant of the RC filter and the period of the PWM signal: the RC time contant should be greater than the period. In my case the time constant is 100 times greater.


2) An operational amplifier with a gain of 2 to obtain the output in the range of 0-10V.


I have made some test with the circuit and seems to work properly but I don't have much experience with electronics so I would be grateful if someone can check if the design is correct.


Thanks in advance.




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Ghiro, you included some 'extra' components, I'm curious if maybe you have made an improvement. R6 and C2 - what is the purpose? Current limiting on the arduino output and.....stability from C2? ??




Edit - read it again. This is actually a slightly different circuit (I think). The other guy was looking to convert an analog 0-5V signal to 0-10V. This converts a 5V PWM signal to 0-10V analog. If he was converting a PWM signal, then it wasn't really made clear.


Nice Ghiro. Welcome to NR.

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