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nanocube 28g total water volume?


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does anyone know if the nanocube holds 28g just counting the display or total volume including the back fuge? if its just the display, whats the total volume of water overall? Ive searched, but just cannot find the answers. I'm assuming JBJ is only counting the display, but I just need this clarified. thanks in advance.

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thanks for clarifying that. im sure this is logic holds true with other AIOs. this is probably why theres so many odd gallons sizes B)


congrats on popping the cherry btw. ;)


i read somewhere that the whole volume is 28g. the display is 25. (got the same tank)
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Most tanks don't hold as much water as they claim. I think when i got my JBJ NC28 and filled it up with water it only held 25-26 gallons. That was with the tank completely empty except for the media basket. You should never trust the tank size the manufacturer gives you.

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