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Thinking about building an LED system for my 46 bow


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I have been poking around and looking for an inexpensive metal halide system. I found one that I like but I am in no hurry so I might consider buliding an LED system. I have access to most of the parts and equipment that I would need ( power supplies,pots, resistors, shielded wire,etc). I even have a access to a machine shop if I need to make anything machined.It would cost me a lunch but my machineist is a friend so it`s worth it.Oh I also work with Pro Engineer 3D program so I can even draw something up. What I do not know is how many LED`s I would need and what kind. The power supplies I have have outputs of +15v -15v 24v and 5v.If anyone knows what I would need for led`s please let me know. Thanks

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