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Don't chew with your mouth open

Bin Weed

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About two weeks ago i noticed my true perc 'suckling' on the tentacles of the frogspawn that he hosts. I know... not an ordinary behavior. Well the next day his mouth started to swell and has continued to do so. He can't close it but he eats just fine. i did notice that he's been acting a little lethargic the past couple of days.

it just looks bad, like the jaw is locked open!

any advice

sg is a little high but everything else in great working order.


Bin Weeeeeeeed





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Ok sorry done now.


If the clown is eating I would just wait it out. If it isn't back to normal in a month, or if it stops eating I would get worried.

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ive heard about clowns suckling on its host's tentacles. since the clown isnt all 100% immune from the coral's stings, its mouth suffers the consequence. alot of people also report freckles on their fish for the same reason...

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