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Daily Evaporation


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Hi all,


I have a JBJ 28g HQI (186w) and am wondering what's a "normal" daily evaporation; or how much should I be topping-off on a daily basis?


Thanks in advance.



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its quite alot. i get through 5 gallons of topoff water in maybe a little over a full week. but i got fans blowing and stuff

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I guess it's the difference in air-tank temperature, but I'm having to replace nearly 1/2 a gallon every 24 hours in my 10g. Not having a top isn't really helping that much either(bulky filters and glass lids don't fit).

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"normal" varies, therefore, there is no "normal". Open top Aquapod 24 with a 150W Sunpod on 8 hours per day - I top-off about 28 oz./day

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Summer is much different than winter on my open top with MH.


Also now that I have a reefkeeper controlling my fans/heater I get much much less.


Past summer: 5-8 gallons/week

This winter: 2 gallons/week

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A gallon a day right now, give or take.

I keep my house at 72 in the winter, 76-78 in the summer.


EDIT: Figured i better state this is an open top 40B

my 24g nano i never top off, the SG is 1.025 every time i check it. WEIRRDDD!!

Then again it has a nice fitting lid, when you open it the evap water falls back into the tank instead of escaping. Or my 40b is the "easier target" and evaps like crazy.

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LED retro fit and i swear my evap is only 1/3 cup a day or less.. you should probably just be checking you salinity every day or so because every tank seems to be a little different, and if you make that your daily routine youll see whats "normal" for your tank pretty quickly

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