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Clown Goby pics wanted!


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ok, some of you know that i have an Unofficial Clown Goby thread(link in sig), however most of the pics i use are from Liveaquaria or BlueZoo Aquatics. I was wonderin of anyone had any good pics of the following type of clown gobies:


  • Red clown goby
  • Black & White clown goby
  • Panda (clown) goby
  • Rusty (brown) clown goby
  • Citron Clown goby


i already have pics for:

  • Yellow Clown goby
  • Green clown goby
  • War Paint clown goby
  • Black clown goby


i prefer the pics to be shots of the side of the goby to show all their colors and designs.

also if you have any vids of clown gobies i would like to see them :D


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We have a white tiger goby/full moon goby? I think they might also be referred to as black and white gobies though? Is that what you wanted? I've got pictures I can send and we could always take a video of him.

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cheryl jordan

Just waiting until the lights come on again. Bought the green citron clown goby and never saw it again, until about three months later. He is bizarre, hangs out in the green zoas so you can't see him, also the green acropora and the yellow scroll. Hard to get a pic, I know I am giving him too much credit, but he just seems to know when I have the camera.

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