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Pico tank advice

Reefy Magreefy

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Reefy Magreefy

Hey, I am new to nano reefing, and I was wondering if this was a good stocklist for a 1.75 gallon pico tank...


3 sexy shrimp


2 nassarious snails


1 astrea snail




1 pom pom crab


and what heater and lights should I get? I have a maxi jet mini for flow.

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You need more herbivorous snails than scavengers like the nassarius, especially since there isn't any fish to feed (feeding the nassarius). Ideally, bristle worms would be enough for scavenging. If you can get cerith snails, they would be better choices (and smaller) than astraeas. Collonista and stomatella snails are other good herbivore choices.


The sexy shrimp should be fed to avoid them nipping on corals.


For lights, a small power compact fluorescent fixture, like the coralife miniaqualight, would be perfect for GSP.

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Reefy Magreefy

I have base rock mostly, so no bristles


so maybe 2 astrea, 1 nassarious, 3 sexys? I'll replace the astrea with cerith if I can find em.


and why no pom pom?


I am planning on feeding them pellets.


Also, any miscellaneous advice on how to take care of a tank like this one? Like I said this is my first pico/nano.

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There is a pico forum here with better information on keeping a pico. Also there is a thread on pom pom crabs (something like "official pom pom crab thread...").

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Reefy: Pico's are my ballpark ;)


+1 to the other responses above as well... I personally would not go with 3 sexy shrimp, and I think you would do better with stometella snails than anything...


Pom Pom would do fine in a 1.75g but just know that it will require some special attention. You can view some of my other posts on picos, as well as brandon49 and mikeguegro (<---- spelling? I will check that last one in a minute)


Stocking on smaller picos is way more detailed than larger tanks IMO... But can be easy to care for as long as you are willing to take the time for it. Many people start them up then stop them, or don't take care of them since they do require more time and a little more effort to keep stuff stable such as salinity, PH and stuff.... Also when you have a small problem in a pico, it instantly becomes a large problem without as much water volume to work with.


Do your research and you will more than likely have good luck... if you have any specific questions feel free to ask...

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Reefy Magreefy

Why wouldn't you go with 3 sexies? Is it too many? The tank is actually my gift to my little sister so it is her call, and she prefers the sexies to the crab. Ill try to find some stromatellas. Is it possible to have 1 or 2 sexy shrimp and a crab, 3 sexies, just the crab, or just 2 sexies? Any of those combinations good? She would really prefer to have the shrimp though, but if it wont work it wont work. Thanks.

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You can do 3 sexies and I would chose them over the crab. I had a few in my old 1 gallon and I fed them hermit crab pellets every other day. they would take it right from tweezers which helps with avoiding overfeeding and keeping a clean tank.

lakshwadeep Is spot on with the rest IMO.

My biggest recommendation to you would be a auto top off. Evap in a pico is crazy.


And most important :welcome:

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Evap is crazy in what way? There s a lot? it is hard to keep track of?


You will be topping off a lot. I had to top off 4 times a day on my old tank and that is quite the task when you work a 10hr day. ATO is one of the most important things in a pico because the swing in salinity between topoffs can be drastic in such small volumes.

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