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Astrea Snail Poop!


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Hey guys,


I have a 5 gal tank. Once my tank finished cycling, I got a CUC: 5 blue leg hermits and 5 astrea snails. The snails did a WONDERFUL job eating the algae off of everything, but it seems they want to give it all back in poop form! These things don't stop pooping! There's little turds all over the sand, and my nitrates are high now. I thought about getting nassarius snails but they're huge, so now I'm thinking of bumblebee snails since they're smaller. How do I control this? Do I have too many snails? What would you guys do to solve this problem?

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If they are small white ovals, they are eggs. Mine leave them all over the rock and especially the back wall and powerheads. I think some of them have hatched, because I started out with 5 and have about 12 now, even after the snails ate a handfull.

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