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I need your help deciding what to set up. Got 2 free tanks.


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I have kept an AP24 for about 2.5 years and have the chance to upgrade.


Option A: I was given a 125 tall that is not drilled and it comes with a used protein skimmer and sump. I havent' water tested the tank yet but planned on resealing it and cleaning it up. It also came with a stand and once set up, will be very tall and possibly a pain to keep clean because of how tall it is. I would also have to get it drilled I guess.


Option B: I was also given a 65 with a stand that comes complete with everything needed. It has been up and running for about 2 years and is coming complete with all equipment, an r/o unit, and the current contents. There is a hood with lights, but the ballast is broken. I have a ballast from my current setup that I can use. It is plug and play short of cleaning it up a bit b/c he hasn't been maintaining it too well.


Option C: Combine the two. My husband is super handy, but doesn't know fishtank mechanics specifically.


What are your thoughts? I also want to take my time and set up the cleanest aquarium possible from the start, to minimize the maintenance and prevent any of the disasters we have all learned from along the way.

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If you are going to the trouble of resealing the 125 you should take the glass to a glass shop and have them cut it down for you. then you would just need to build a bigger stand and use the 65 as a fuge.

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