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clown has white growth (updated)


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Title says it all. My new clown of one week has developed a white fuzz on its middle white stripe and a small portion of its gill. I can't get a good pic of it because of the light and well.. it is white on white. I have looked around and have not found anything that looks like the fuzz.


A previous post about a white fuzzy growth on a clown was said to be Lymphocystis, but I am not sure. Also... the fish has a small white dot on its dorsal fin. He may be all kinds of messed up due to stress of the new tank I suppose or maybe I bought him this way.


Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? The fish is energetic still and eats anything I put in the tank. He is not scratching or rubbing on anything and mostly stays near the top of the tank or in the top left corner. I have had him about about a week.

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Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?


Hey SoCalDude,

My two black clownfish seem to be getting the same thing yours is. They are brand new to the tank (about a week) and were fine before but now it looks like they both have a bit of a white stuff growing on them. Both seem active and are eating...


Hopefully someone else on the forum here can lend a hand?



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It sounds alot like fungus. i heard they were often due to poor water quality... u say u got it a week ago, maybe its old tank had poor water???

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cheryl jordan

This is just one of those times when a pic is whats needed. Clowns can get so many things, can not treat effectively if we don't know what it is. Maybe going to the Disease and Treatment form will provided a picture you can compare your fish to. Hope everything turns out Ok. And you probably want to quarantine those sick puppies. ;)

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Ok, I tried to get a pic of his growths. He has one on his middle stripe (you can see the bump in the pic and a bit growing on his gill slit now. He also has a small ich looking white dot on his back dorsal fin. Lemme know what you think. I will be trying to get a better pic but he loves playing with his reflection at the top of the tank so he will not stay still lol.


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cheryl jordan

Well the description of fuzzy growth rather than white dots, it is possible that it is Brookynella, often called Clownfish disease. The standard tx for that is Formalin dips, with that being said I am only making an educated guess. It is your choice on what type of treatment you use. I would do more research and google Brookynella so you can compare pics of diseased fish with your own fish. Formalin is toxic so read the instructins carefully and please to more research. I hope this at least help point you in the right direction. You can not treat the tank, these fish need to quarantined.

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Nah, It isnt Brookynella. The fish isn't coasted with a thin film or anything, it is like a little ball that is hanging off the side. I can't get a good pic of it. I guess I will have to wait and see. I am attempting to get a qt tank for it so I can try some treatments.

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Hmm.... To me it does seem to look like lympho... yet Lympho tends to hang more around the edges.


Possibly a tumor or something? How fast has it grown? Does it continue to change/move in any way?


How "fuzzy" is it? Can it be wiped away?


If it's Lympho or a growth, there's not really much you can do. If it's not, then I would suggest an antibiotic treatment in quarantine to be your best bet. If it happens to be fungal, then it will be apparent within a few days of the antibiotic.



Oooh Oooh! Here's a cool link: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/virdisidf.htm

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Well, I just netted the little guy to prod the growth and more closely inspect it. The white mass on his side seemed to wipe away and now there is no trace of it. The white on the edge of the gill slit would not move, so I am not sure. It could be that he just has a mild case of ich or something as he does has a couple white spots on his fins.


I am not much concerned with it anyone unless the white bulge comes back.

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If it can be wiped away then I think it's most likely bacterial. Antibiotics if it comes back.


As for the cause though, it could be an infection from a wound he got while scratching on rocks.


You say it has little white dots on it's fins? Any on the body? It's pretty common for fish infected with crypto to scratch on rocks, sometimes they can be injured.


Observe your fish carefully for any signs of stress. To keep this from happening again you should treat the underlying cause if you discover one.

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I got another picture. The stuff is not going away and seems to actually be getting a little worse. I don't think it is hairy or cotton-like anymore. They are just raised white bubbles or lumps on the gill and on two different fins. Not sure what course of action to take. The clown is still eating and swimming normal. Any ideas?


Here is another pic:



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