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Cultivated Reef

just started mb7 doising


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So my mb7 just came in the mail and I just dosed my tank 2 min ago .So will see what the results are like in 2 weeks .It's a BC14 with a 20" NEP,stevie T's media rack with purigen and chemi elite and in chamber 3 is some cheato for my pod population. The only thing is some spots on my sand bed get a little brown on it but overnight must of the ceirths take care of it. I wanna see if this helps with the top of the sand getting brown and just the overall look of the tank and corals. I'll keep you informed on the results weekly or if i notice a big change, thx's and later all. I'm dossing 2.5mm per day

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So after about a week of doising my BC14 I've noticed a conciderble less amount of brown on top of my sandbed and just a cleaner overall tank will give more updates in the upcomming week thx's. 2.5mm this week gonna drop to 2mm and then 1.5mm at the end of the week. daily

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whats mb7


Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter 7


Formulated using extensive data compiled by microbiologists, MicroBacter 7 is a complete bioculture of beneficial microbes and natural enzymes designed to establish biological filtration and rapidly improve water quality in freshwater and marine systems. Microbacter 7 improves water quality by enhancing the rate of nitrification, denitrification, and organic waste degradation through complete nutrient re-mineralization. The result is clear, clean aquarium water and a healthier environment for your aquariums inhabitants.


EDIT: Mike beat me to it!

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I liked it when using but after the 2 week I went to Prodibio. The Microbacter you have to start carbon dosing after the 2 week dosage. I think it is the Reef Biofuel it is called?

Also using the NeoZeo but you don't have to use it with the Microbacter, though it plays its part alongside it.

I liked how crystal clear the tank became after dosing the Microbacter.

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