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After starting in the SW hobby about 6 weeks ago i am officially addicted. My 8 gal. biocube is no longer meeting my needs and I want to upgrade. Can someone please give me some an opinion on the jbi 28 hqi, the red sea max 34, or the cadlights 39. I am leaning toward the CL 39 because of the higher water volume and I also like the design. Please help

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RSM & Cad 39 > NC28


I also am going to upgrade within the next 6-8 months, StevieT, would you consider the Finnex M-Tank 30g to be in the same class as the RSM or Cadlights? I was really looking at the Cad and Finnex (and JBJ 28g), but am looking for something thats right around 30 gallons. The JBJ is looking less and less of an option, dimensions on it are starting to make me think Cadlights or Finnex, or even Solana, although those are a bit outta me price range, and still a bit too squarish.

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I have only seen Finnex tanks over the interweb but would consider them in the same class. Actually the CAD and Finnex are similar and the RSM is a bit different just because it uses more plastic molding pieces.


IMO the CAD and Finnex are more custom looking, less plastic more glass yet part of me doesn't like that.


There are many more CAD tanks out there than finnex, many more RSM's than both combined.

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