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AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer for BC14


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I got my monthly issuse if Aquarium fish magazine and saw a marinedepot.com ad and i saw something that sparked my eye. I was wondering if this thing would fit in my biocube chamber 2. its dimensions are Dimensions: 10.5x3x3 thanks

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dude, its 3am on a friday night.....


most folks are out.......i just happen to be workin


im pretty sure it will not fit, i remember readin bout it...have you done a search in the equip forum?

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IMO it's a POS anyways. And yes, it's 3 am. Even if it wasn't, bumping your own thread is annoying, especially 13 minutes after your original post.


P.S. Do you have a ruler?

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im on the west coat it was like 11 pm over here sorry for bumping my own post i just usually get really quick answers forgot its 3 am for some people

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