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Redfishsc's 25g mixed tank w/ fuzzy dwarf.

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Red Goniopora, my favorite coral ever!



Frogspawn/hammer morph thingy-- Hydnophora on the left. Frogspawn on the right is pissed off because of the Tech M I am overdosing the tank with to kill bryopsis.



Bird's Nest, with GSP growing on an old mag-float on the back glass, pavona to the side.






My dwarf lion hanging out near the GSP and torch.



ORA Green Bird's Nest



Red something-or-other zoanthids, on an old magfloat on the back wall.



Duncan coral. This was ONE SMALL polyp a year ago! Now there are over 15 heads on this thing (half of them are very small).



And of course, a couple more pics of my fuzzy dwarf lion.









And a FTS from about a month ago. The patch of bryopsis in the center (near the ORA bird's nest) is not there anymore, the Tech M worked... but the stuff keeps coming back, a very tough battle!!!



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A few more pics...


Here is a fungia that I got when it was the size of a dime, around 8 months ago. Now it's almost 2.5" across when expanded.






Fuzzy mushroom, anthelia, Aussie neon stars, some wild colored mushrooms, and a few zoas.




Duncans, clove polyps, and a mushroom w/ a few "sprouts".




Another frogspawn/hammer/torch thingy. I've seen it around here referred to as "painted frogspawn" but this one has very few divided tentacles.






Bird's Nest I got as a small sprig with two branches at the Down Under frag swap a couple months ago. It's more than doubled it's size and colored up very well.






Hydnophora. Good grower, and beautiful color.




A few "macro" shots of my red goni. Not too bad for a point-n-shoot. The color isn't as "tomato" as it looks in the pic. This is with the flash. I can't get a good pic of these without the flash.








Sweet!! Love the lion!





I always get more comments on him, from guests at my house, than anything in my tank. EXCEPT the freakin mag float. They ALWAYS want to play with the mag float. :angry:

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Beautiful, I love it!!!

Very nice to see you around here again, as well. :)

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Thanks weetie!


I've actually been somewhat active in the Lighting forum, as I'm penny-pinching together an LED setup to supplement this tank.



I need to change my sig though, I took down the RockBox a while back..... just too lazy to fix it, lol.

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Is it cool to have that lion in a 25g? BTW, I'm liken the corals.

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Thanks SoCalDude ;)


Fuzzy dwarfs don't get very big, their fins are much shorter than a P. volitans, radiata, or antennetta, and they are a very sluggish, slow moving fish. Plenty of room in there for him ;) esp. with all the rockwork, he has lots of perching/stalking spots.

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Guys, I'm stoked. For the first time I'm really getting quick SPS growth. I think it's because of my fairly stout Vitamin C and glucose dosing (aka like vodka dosing).


My phosphates have totally dropped to an undetectable level by the Seachem kit (which means it's less than 0.05ppm, supposedly). I think this is the reason. I'm convinced that phosphates wreak more havoc on SPS growth rates than I ever realized.



Here is a bird's nest that I got back in July. It was literally three skinny branches about an inch long. Here is a one-month growth shot.


This is Oct 31st.



This is Dec 4th.






Now, I had a bad problem with EVERY SINGLE montipora specie I had starting to bleach. Then, after the Vitamin C/glucose dosing, it makes a dramatic comeback.


Here is at the very beginning of the comeback. This was a 4"X4" square of Idaho Grape monti. Almost totally dead, but then starts to regrow.



One month later. Starting to scroll!!


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Hey guys, I added 8 Cree Royal Blue XRE's. You can see pics of the "ghetto" fixture by clicking HERE.




Here are some actinic shots. These blue LED's are by FAR the best actinic light I've ever seen.


Please understand that taking pics of this light is very hard, and some of the coral colors (esp. the bright green) are a bit exaggerated in the pics... but the pics STILL don't do them justice!!


Anthelia and green fuzzy mushroom



Slightly different camera setting, same coral.



ORA Green Bird's Nest (just now starting to look "pointy" like true b-n)










Painted frogspawn



Radioactive nuclear dragon boogers or whatever the heck you call them.



I have no idea what these are called. I love them anyway ;)



"ring of fire" I think.



Green finger leather.



Green palythoa.





FTS: the best I could do. Had to let the camera auto-adjust the white balance, so it looks a bit greener than in person.


Edited by redfishsc

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My fuzzy dwarf lion went carpet surfing last night. :tears:


He was my favorite fish. :tears:


We found lion-jerky on the floor this morning. Thank GOD my 1-year old didn't find him first!!!!

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So every time I sit and look at my lion-less tank, I wonder if I'll replace him.


Honestly I doubt it. This particular tank has so many aiptasias in it that it's in dire need of some peppermint shrimp. Kalk paste only kills them for a short while then they come back in twice the numbers.


So I think I may just do a shrimp display. I already have a coral banded I had in the refugium that I put in the 25g. He, alone, makes a neat "display" critter. He doesn't kill other shrimp. So maybe I'll put in some peppermints, the CB and a cleaner shrimp.

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I haven't updated this thing in an eon, I took it down exactly 1 year ago. It was part of a 3-tank system (25g, 20g, and 14g) that shared a common sump and refugium. It ran well but after considering the costs I had tied up in running this (supplies and electrical, not to mention humidity issues in our small apt) I had to take it down.


I replaced it with a 10g planted tank and now I have a 23" cube freshwater tank fully LED lighted as well as an 11g rimless "shoebox" tank with all LEDs (way overkill but I love it). My whole system uses maybe 150 watts total, both tanks combined (not counting heater which is impossible to guess usage).




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