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Christopher Marks

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Christopher Marks

Welcome to our Product Reviews forum! This forum was created for members like you to share reviews of aquarium products you've had experience with. For the sake of keeping things organized, please follow these guidelines when posting:


When posting a new product review:

  • Search the forum for an existing review topic. Post your review as a new reply, unless you have an in depth evaluation to warrant a new discussion.
  • Use the exact product name as the topic title. Be sure the spelling, capitalization, and word spacing are correct.
  • Be as objective as possible and share any circumstances that may have contributed to your evaluation.
  • Post photos of the product to help explain your review whenever possible.

When seeking a product review:


It is acceptable to request reviews of a specific product in this forum, but be certain that you have thoroughly searched for an existing discussion beforehand. If you are seeking advice on which type of product to use, please use a more appropriate forum such as the Equipment Forum.

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