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Noob Dropin' in with 34g RSM


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I thought I'd better put up some pix of my RSM 34g. Been cruisin' through here and you folks are a wealth of info :D

This is going on 12wks since initial setup. Can't seem to get coraline growing on anything but rock and hermit shells. :P

I have removed the ceramic and added a couple of Koralia #1's. My immediate plans are for a Tunze 9002 and media tray, but I have not decided if i want to make a mini fuge in the back or move it else where. I thought about getting a 10g for a sump, and use that for the heater, ICE Probe chiller and a different skimmer or should I make that my fuge. I am open to any ideas


I have about 25 lbs of rock and around 2" overall sand depth.

6 Blue legged Hermits

2 Red legged Hermits

1 sm and 1 lg Emerald Crabs

1 Geen Bubble Tip Anemone

1 Cleaner Shrimp

3 Margarita Snails

1 Stowaway 3/4" long Mantis Shrimp (can't seem to trap it...yet)

1 False Clown

1 Purple Dotty

1 Purple Firefish

1 Benggai Cardinal

1 Yellow Coris Wrasse

1 Scooter Blenny (lovin life and doing fine)

1 Sand Star

1 Maximus Clam

2 stalks of Pulsing Zenia

1 Orange Star Burst???

1 Pink Plate dunno the name???

1 rock LOADED with Blue Mushrooms



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The tank looks good! :welcome:


If it were me I would return the sand sifting star before it dies. The orange star burst is a sun coral which is non photosynthetic and needs to be fed at least weekly. I am not sure you have enough light for the clam or the anemone (looks bleached). Not trying to rain on any parades but don't want stuff to start dying and you get frustrated!

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Nice tank. I really like your rock arrangement.... I have a 29 gallon and being able to arrange rocks in that sort of formation is something I wish I could do...


A couple suggestions:


With regard to the skimmer, I would get one in there pretty soon. You've got a really high bio-load in that tank so you'll need something good to help with the water quality. I know the tunze is a good skimmer, but I'm thinking your tank would almost be maxing it out... Anyone else on the tunze?


Additionally, I'm sure you know this, but your water changes need to be religious, and large. Doing the water changes will become even more important as your tank matures. Adding a sump could help in adding the extra water volume. You might consider a 20 for a sump as well? Either way I think it would be a good idea.


As for the coralline algae, try scraping some off of your rocks and that will get some colonies growing elsewhere. And while we're on the topic of pumps, it seems like your pumps are all in the back... be sure to get those sun corals (maybe what you called "star burst"?) plenty of flow (which carries the food to them). Just something to consider....


Finally, good luck... at 12 weeks your tank looks clean and tidy. I hope it stays that way for you... Seriously though keep up on the water changes. Someday you might run into aggression problems, especially with the mantis and the dottyback... So I would keep an eye out for signs of aggression and sounds like you're already trying to remove the mantis, so good luck with that!


*edit* Oh, and watch that scooter blenny and make sure it's eating... They're actually not blennies, but dragonets (like mandarins), and typically they're not recommended for tanks younger than 8 months or so... This is due to their need for supplemental feedings... Often you can train them to eat frozen preparations short term, but it seems they only do well over the long term if they're able to supplement their diets with various pods & such that they catch (which your mantis, cleaner, and wrasse are also actively hunting as well)...

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Thanks matty, I do target feed the star burst and I was wondering about supliments for the star. The anemone was up a bit higher but it moved down which I thought was weird, when it was up higher I didn't need to feed it, now that it is low it has a huge appetite. May trade it for frog spawn for the clown.

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ajmckay, thanks.

I do have the stock skimmer in place.I have been doing 14g twice a week just settling into 14g a week.

I do have a pump in the lower left that that push a fair amount across the back and through the hole in the middle I tweeked it to help the sun burst for just that reason.

Steve T told me about the scooter, been watching him closely. ;) How can I train it for frozen?

The Dotty was just added a few days ago, I'll keep an eye on him too.

thanks again


Good start!


I have added you to the RSM owners thread.


RSM Index Thread


Steve, thanks I appreciate it, the IM's we shared and this forum have really been educational.

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I would train the scooter like a mandarin. But in a young tank it is risky. You almost have to over feed the tank to train.


See these, this is how I did it. Also see my thread, indexed on the first page look for mandarin addition.





well youtube is down but i have vids up there. Search StevieT if you can get on



I have a link to the vid on page three of that thread


Steve, thanks I appreciate it, the IM's we shared and this forum have really been educational.


I am glad they have helped


K youtube is back up




my mandarin loves Rods Food

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I'll post a pic later tonight. I'm looking at selling it and going rimless with a Solana and and HQI pendant.

This tank is my single source of joy and anguish depending on the day..LOL :P :P :P

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Here are couple more pix, I added the two toad stools a week or so ago. Already fragged my xenia's got some on the left and right now. I don't have much area for the plate anymore. When I move to the Solana I will Bonsai 'scape it.


P.S. nevermind the tupperware I froze some ice to bring the temps down. my fan crapped it this after noon.




2nd pic



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Your tank is loking very nice!


I love the Solana tanks! Thye are soo sleek and clean and rimless :bowdown: I love them lol



Thanks, I really like the RSM but the Solana is a totally different look, we are becoming addicted to the rimless look.

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New Aquascape, Corals and Pix!


I re-arranged things a bit to free up some sand traded the pink plate for some corals.

Never mind the white Fiji rock in the upper left, I'm curing it in here before putting it into the wife's BC8.





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