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NJ5500 Review


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Got the NJ5500 in today. It's built with the same quality and attention to detail as a typical MJ. I wanted to share with you some pictures, as I think this pump is going to fit the bill quite nicely.



Front shot with the grill on for submersible use.



Grill off. Look at the size of the volute on this thing! It's made to move some water. In and out are threaded for 1" NPT. Comes with fittings that will take 1" or 1-1/4" tube. Notice anything lurking inside that could be interesting? We will get to that in a second. ;)



It is conveniently configurable for side exit. Can't do that with a Mag.



Ceramic bearings front and back. Thats a nice touch.



Check the impeller though. Not your typical paddle wheel setup that you see on most pumps like this. This is big boy pump territory. No more rattling impeller. And this thing will push a lot of water at high head. It's rated for 13ft max and 1380gph. Get this; at 75W!!!! Mag12 is 110W for 180gph less.


Did a quick run in the tub, and it is already far quieter than the Mag12 and the Ocean Runner 6500. Need some fittings and more tube to run the pump out of water tomorrow.


Review will continue....

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Doesn't it? I wasn't quite expecting this. All the documentation around the net doesn't really show the guts of the 4500 and the 5500. Believe me, it was a nice surprise. The $120 pricetag from Pet Solutions wasn't too hard on the wallet either.

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Pump is in. This thing is dead silent. I'm really please by this guy. Keep in mind that only the NJ4400 and NJ5500 are built like this. Not saying that the others aren't good, which I'm sure they are, but these two are the only ones with this type of impeller. Either way, I highly recommend these pumps.

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what is the size comparison to a 12 mag or oceanrunner?


It's about the same size as the Mag12 that came out of my closed loop, and considerably smaller than the Ocean Runner 6500.


Great specs and price!! Are you going to be running it externally??


Yes. It's run on a closed loop for my 40B with and Oceans Motions Super Squirt Compact.

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