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Red macro algae info needed...


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Anyone have some general information on Botryocladia sp. and Titanophora sp. algae? LFS is selling the Botryocladia(labeled red grape algae) for $35 for an eight inch branching specimen, and several smaller frags I might be able to negotiate over. Is this algae suitable for a nano, is it particularly invasive etc etc? I can't seem to find much information about it...


On the Titanophora, I can find hardly any information about it. Wikipedia states that it can reach 30cm in size, but the "titan" in the name leaves me weary. I've seen it on ebay occasionally, but that's about it...


Any information abut these is greatly appreciated :happy:

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johnmaloney is the guy you want to ask. Send him a PM or post in the Reef Cleaners forum in the Marketplace section.

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@Mr. Fosi Ok, I'll check there.


@fiction101 Yeah, that's the stuff. They're a bit off with their pricing; $35 for any of their macros, chaeto, halymenia, halimeda, gracilaria...

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From Oliver1 in UK


Just saw your 09 post on grape algae

I have kept a red/pink grape algae in my tank for a while now

It is very nice and supposed to help in nitrate reduction

It grows to about 18/24 inches but is not obtrusive

My algae is on a piece of rock with new growth from the bottom

I am about to cut mine back a bit and attach the cuttings to a piece of rock and see if that grows

The only problem that i have is that it blocks a lot of light from the corals i have near it.


\hope this helps

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I got some of the Red Grape from fiction 101, love the stuff.

Very low maintenance, grows well but is not invasive and very easy to prune.

Doesn't like high light though, and will fade somewhat if light levels are higher than it prefers.

Likes PC lighting and lower level T5HO.

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have some in my 6g - fades about 2" to the top and is ready to prune already - what's nice is that unlike many other red algaes it doesn't stick to rocks AND I haven't seen anything eat at it (except a deco crab who needed a quick disguise)

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I have some of the Titanophora stuff, it grows pretty well, i trim it occasionally and the cuttings grow well too. I looks really nice under my MH, faded at first, but now its back to a very nice red colour and growing wonderfully. If you'd like some, I can send you some for shipping cost, I have too much of it.

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