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Cultivated Reef

Patrick19's 14gal Biocube


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I figured it was about time to start one of these after having the tank up and running since November.

First, a run-down of equipment:

14 gallon Biocube

The standard lighting system that comes with the biocube

Biocube protein skimmer

Standard power head from Biocube

Koralia Nano power head

I haven't made any real modifications to the tank, other than removing the sponge from the filtration system. Toying with the idea of getting rid of the bio-balls as well.


Now for all the good stuff:

1 Neon Blue Goby

2 Yellow Watchman Gobies

2 Porcelain Crabs

1 Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp



1 Red Capricornis

1 Hammer (3 stalks)

2 Zoa Colonies (one is an Alien Eye, unsure of the common name for the other but it is purple in the center and orange on the skirt)

About 14-15 green and purple mushrooms

1 Colony of Green Star Polyps


Here are some pictures (I apologize for the quality, they are from my phone)

January 2009:




April 2009:

This picture is a little cloudy because I had added some AragaMilk to tank not too long before the picture was taken. Again, better pictures to come soon.



So, how does everything look?

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It looks good. I would add some more rock for height and that will give you plenty of nice spots for coral.

Yeah, I agree. For some reason, it's been slim pickin's around here for good LR. Most of it's way too big or too small, or it looks more like 'dead rock' than 'live'. As soon as I can find the right pieces, I will get them. But as always, doing it right means doing it slowly. :)

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Picked up a Maxi-Jet 900 and Hydor FLO Deflector yesterday evening. I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the result so far! Hopefully everything in my tank likes it just as much.

In other news, I spotted about three aipstasia that I apparently missed during my aipstasia killing-spree last week. Looks like tonight will call for another Kalkwasser attack...

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