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what is a refugium?and what are they go for?


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A refuge is many things. It is a natural filter for the tank. They're usually planted with a lot of macroalgae which usually will outcompete nuiscance algae and keep the tank relatively free of it. A fuge is also a good place to quarantine a fish.


It's also like a sump in that it is a good place to put heaters, skimmers etc etc.

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Quarantine can mean a lot of things. If you have multiple fishes, a sick fish in the fuge gives the fish a chance to recover in a low stress environment. It has places to hide, and no competition for food or shelter from the fish community in the main tank.


You wouldn't want to medicate a sick fish or coral in the fuge (unless the medication is safe for the rest of the tank). It's also a nice place to introduce a new fish because it is a low stress environment, and if there is a problem you don't have to disassemble the tank to get it out.

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