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uh oh, is this brown jelly on my new torch?


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my girlfriend bought me a torch today. i was not there to pick it myself. i'm still a noob and never had a torch before, but read about the brown jelly disease. the picture is of the torch still in the bag. please tell me if its brown jelly? if so, is there anything i can do about it? thanks

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when i put in into the tank, that patch didn't feel like slime. i thought cyano felt like slime, i dont know because i never had it before.

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Looks like sponge to me, too. brown Jelly appears on the actual soft tentacles of Euphyllia.


It will also blow away when you fan it or hold it in front of a powerhead, etc.

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Well, if you're referring to the pink goo on the side of the skeleton, I wouldn;t worry about it. Once the torch gets all happy in his new home, and the polyps fill out and expand, you'll see very little of the skeleton around the top anyway.

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