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New and stressed Ricordea spliting normal?


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This ric has gone nuts!!! A few days after there arrival, it split and spit out its mouth!! It kinda looks like a minature clam or apple seed that opens. Then a few days later it spit another one of its mouths out. The rics are still alive. Now here for the funny part, those mouths it spit out, climbed up some rocks with a crawling arm/tube thing, and are starting to regrow the ric part we are use to seeing around it.

Now is this to weird? Has anyone else ever seen anything like this happen before?

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To small to get a pic of, and in a bad spot. It seems as though it has found the spot were it is staying at though. It just sets there and opens and closes as it pleases. The neat part is the new growth of a neon green ric slowly starting to develop on the outside of its shell/mouth. I am really surprised that nothing in the tank bothers it, the hermits just pass right by it.

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