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Hitchhiker clam question


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There are a bunch of little clams, maybe 2 or 3 cm across that came home on my liverock. One question I have is can these guys move? The way I put the LR in, before I got a real good look at everything, the clams are all in shaded positions. And it seems that one has moved, all the way across the tank. Is this possible? Also, should I be feeding them some sort of phytoplankton? What kind is good and are there any good online sites to buy for cheap? Thanks for the help!

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They can't move once they're bonded to the rock. However, sometimes they come free and jet around before they get happy again. Larval stage is free-swimming.


These guys are great natural filters and interesting live rock denizens. Be happy to have them!


They will probably be fine feeding on whatever else you're feeding the tank, but if you aren't feeding much I would add a LOW dose of DT's or Marine Snow once or twice a week. This will help ALL of the filter feeders in your tank.

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