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Wiring a new Electronic Ballast (RED and BLUE)? 70 watt MH


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OK - you would think this is pretty simple, I just want to make sure that I am doing it right before I destroy something....


I am taking my 70w AquaMedic Pendant and replacing the Magnetic Ballast with an IceCap Electronic. I have pulled the old thing out and have the new one wired like this:


POWER <-- WHITE ----x --- WHITE --- |--------------| --- BLUE ---x--- WHITE ---> LAMP

POWER <-- GRND ---- x --- GRND --- | Electronic Ballast|

POWER <-- BLACK ----x --- BLACK --- |--------------| --- RED ----x--- RED ------> LAMP


I am hoping someone can confirm if, on a DE bulb fixture, it matters where the RED and BLUE wires go.



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Thanks. I will give it a go. Will post a photo journal of the swap in my tank thread a little later, provided it all works as planned

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Ok - it is done... Here is the build - added to my tank thread, but don't get as many hits there anymore, and figure this will be a good thread for future reference with others doing similar projects...




you can kinda see the magnetic beast through the grill:




There were quite a few screws to remove on the case and I was not impressed with the quality of screw holes... more like a cheap chinese job:






[sigh].... still workable though, so on we go.


This thing is pretty big and heavy:




out it comes:






Ok, next problem is that the screw holes in the bottom of the casing weren't going to line up with the new ballast, so a quick drill job and the new ballast had a good solid seating:












I had a little hesitation about the wiring (didn't want to ruin anything)... some quick research and the advice in this thread and I think I have it all straightened out. The power comes in to the fixture, through a switch and in to the ballast (simple, white-to-white, black-to-black) - then the wires come out of the ballast as red and blue, BUT the wires up to the lamp were red and white.... apparently it does not matter which way you do it, so I went red-to-red and blue-to-white. Quick test - it works, so I am guessing it all right now.


I was put off by the electronic buzz it made while lighting off, but that only lasted a few seconds and the thing went dead silent. I will observe for a few days before I make any final judgments, but so far, so good.


Here it is ready to close up:




and next to the old ballast:




all closed up, and this thing is noticably lighter. I will be curious to see how much heat it puts off.





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