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review my set-up


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The tank is a 20 tall using a 130 wat power compact not sure what bulbs yet. The only thing for a filter will be a skimmer. Its going to be between a euro-reef ns2.5.3lc or the octopus BH 1000. I had a long talk with the people at euro-reef and people there are great. Both skimmers are about the some price, But both have there plus and minuses. The euro-reef would have to be in the tank, but i think its a little better. The octopus would be out side the tank for the most part, so im not sure what skimmer ill be going for. The tank will have 3 small fish in it, lps soft corals and all the other little things like mushrooms and what not. Im open to any input.

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PC lighting won't really give you adequate penetration (thats what she said...) on a 20T... go with a 150W MH... you won't regret it. The Viper 150W MH is a decent light for the price and I'm sure you can find one used if you look

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i know pc are not the best but i got them for almost free and at 130w thats over 6w per gallon


o and i wont be trying to keep sps in the tank, So is MH really necessary for lps and soft corals. my last tank was a 72 and had VHO light dont remember the W but it kept all my lps and soft corals alive and growing. I just dont want to hag MH or keep them so close to the tank the i need a chiller..

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