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any 37g oceanics out there


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I decided to get the sundial mh pendant, I think it would look better hanging over my tank. Im gonna make a homedepot lighthanger I'v seen around here. Thanks for the input fellars.


I wonder if the bulbs that come with the pendant are decent?

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I recieved the pendant and its heavy. I love it, I hooked it up to the ceiling with the brackets it came with. It came with a nice hanging kit that makes it look professional. It fits perfectly above my tank. I didnt like the stock bulbs so I ordered a 14k pheonix. Hopefully its good like everybody says.

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I have a 37 oceanic. Just transferred most of my AP24 over + some things. It came with a canopy and stand, so i am in the middle of debating if I want to retro t5's or MH in the hood. I love the size and shape of my tank though. I will take some pics and post them a bit later.

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