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New biocube 14


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so i currently have a 14 gallon biocube, so today i was on craigslist and i found another biocube 14 good conditon everything worked with a skimmer, heater, 15lbs LR and some misc supplies for $100!! so i jumped on it the only bad thing the LR was in a bucket for like 3 days with water only covering like 1/3 of the rock so i cleaned the tank up went and got some new sand and some LR to stuff the compartment where the bioballs were. and put a carbon filter where the skimmer was. i do need to probly buy the bulbs soon though but oh well. ill post some pics once the water clears up and i move the rock around some. So the LR had a bunch of mushrooms and different corals on it but he said he moves out of somewhere and left the tank there for a fue days and they shut the power off in the house so everything died. so the LR had a bunch of skeleton from the old coral and algae on it. so what do u guys think i should do with the LR? just let it cycle up and see how they turn out do u think some of the corals and stuff will come back? thanks for the help!



here is an older pic of my current one with my seahorses


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