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Tim's 12G Aquapod


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I received my aquapod as an X-Mas present and have just gotten it up and running.


I've added the following additions already:


Max-Jet 900

50W Stealth Heater

Hydor FLO Deflector


Also I've done a bit of modding. Including the CD case mod, adding an additional fan, and drilling more vent holes at the top.


I added water from a 55G tank and just recently added 6lbs live rock. I'm going to add more soon!


Let me know what you think. I haven't decided what to stock it with yet.



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I cut two sections out of a plastic CD case to block the upper and lower intakes, so that the surface skimmer would work better. I've seen a lot of people with similar mods to their aquapods.

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I run in my chambers


1 filter floss on top of chemi pure elite

2nd cheato

3rd auto top off sensor and heater

4th maxi jet 900 and where my water goes in from my auto top off


I also have a koralia nano in the tank


I really like my pistol shrimp, yasha goby combo.

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Do you have some kind of lighting for your cheato? Also with an auto top off, how often do you do water changes?


Right now my chambers are as follows:


1 Stock Sponge

2 Heater

3 Stock Ceramic Noodles

4 Maxi Jet 900

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